Hallfield Science Week

31st March 2017

Last week, we held our Annual Science Week at Hallfield and took the opportunity to do some learning outside of the classroom. On Tuesday, Year 4 visited Conkers in the National Forest. The children enjoyed an orienteering task and learnt about minibeasts and their habitats. They were very keen to touch and hold all of the worms, slugs and millipedes they found. The Barefoot Walk was again the highlight of the trip!

On Wednesday, Year 3 visited Thinktank in Birmingham, where the children did some fun experiments investigating friction and magnetism. In the afternoon we braved the wet weather and visited the outdoor Science Garden where we were able to explore the experimental exhibits, many of which related to our current Topic of Forces. After a trip to the gift shop. We ended the day watching a Light Show, in which many of the children were invited to take part in the demonstrations. All in all it was an enjoyable trip, with lots of new ways to extend our Science learning.

On Thursday, Year 5 were treated to a Space themed day. Thinktank brought their Spacedome into school and the children were invited to explore the movement of the Earth and Moon as well as the planets and constellations. They were then asked to dress and prepare for a mission to the International Space Station, which was great fun and initiated a few giggles, when discussing the importance of taking nappies with us! In groups we produced a variety of leaflets and posters to advertise holidays to each of our planets.

Dr Anderson
Head of Science