Form 4SB give us a second chance

7th February 2018

Form 4SB presented pupils, staff and parents with a special assembly this morning about a message that was important to them.

‘It is okay to make mistakes – we learn from them and they shape who we are.’ Said Adil.

They told us about the different kind of mistakes that they’ve made recently. Adi made mistakes while playing Cricket and Sophia gave the wrong presents to her Aunt and uncle for Christmas.

They performed a play about a boy who made the mistake of wasting all of his money before realising that he had nothing left and that he should have listened to his father. He went home and was forgiven by his father when he repented his mistakes.

The moral of the story was that everyone deserves a second chance.

Adil said: ‘To end our assembly, we’d like to sing a song that reflects that, yes we make mistakes sometimes, but there is always an opportunity to change a situation.’

The chosen song was ‘It’s a New Season’.