Fond Farewell

12th July 2018

Today, we say a fond goodbye to some of our much-loved colleagues and wish them all the best in their future roles, relocations and retirements.

All of our teachers have been a pleasure to work and staff and pupils will miss them dearly.

Best of luck.

Andrew Kynaston, Head of Design Technology      1990-2018

Linda Bartlett, Transition Manager                          1993-2018

Elizabeth Piddock, Speech & Drama                       1994-2018

Patricia Green, Head of Reception                           2007-2018

Catherine Kestin, Pre-Prep Music                             2007-2018

Stacey Martin, Head of Year 1                                  2011-2018

James Coffin, Head of Maths                                   2014-2018

Catriona German, Head of Music                             2014-2018

Maria Casey, Senior Leadership Team                      2015-2018

Kiran Sharma, Graduate Teaching Assistant             2018-2018

And Colleen Johnson, Maths Supply Teacher who has been with us for Summer Term 2018