Celebration of the Arts 2018

28th March 2018

Last night we were delighted to witness an array of talented performances at this year’s Celebration of the Arts show.

Earlier this term, three children from each form from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 were selected to enter and showcase their talents to their peers, teachers and parents.

The gifted youngsters performed their acts for staff and children on Monday and to parents yesterday evening.

Classmates, staff and cast all had a chance to vote for their favourites and winners were announced last night.

The winners of this year’s Celebration of the Arts are:

Audience favourite: Sayf Hosein and Harish Blaggan
Staff favourite: Matthew Abraham
Cast favourite: Livvie Archer-Andrews

It takes great courage to get up on stage and perform in front of hundreds of people, therefore, we would like to acknowledge every single on of our acts. They are:

The singing for fun choir
Rafeeyah Yasin, Ruqayyah Rajput and Mansimar Baidwan (Year 4) Hallfield News (Drama)
Matthew Abraham (Year 4) Stitches (Vocal)
Maya Sharma and Shaya Moeini (Year 6) Guitar duet and gymnastics (Musical)
Giorgio Ercolani, Hussein Bandali and Tobi Fapohunda (Year 4) Scene from ‘Captain Underpants’ (Spoken word)
Saarah Karim (Year 6) Violin solo of ‘Over the Rainbow’ (Musical)
Meher Gazi (Year 5) ‘Late again Blenkinsopp’ by Gareth Owens
Zed Cheema, Harjovan Rana and Ritik Jose (Year 5) ‘Kala Chashma’ (Dance)
Rayna Ali (Year 3) Piano solo (Musical)
Arjun Nahal (Year 4) ‘Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carroll (Spoken word)
Kaisha Ghandi (Year 3) ‘Can’t stop the feeling’ (Dance)
Anthony Nwoko (Year 3) Poem; own composition (Spoken word)
Marcus Chung (Year 3) Flute solo: ‘Les Balloons’ (Musical)
Matthew Sharpe (Year 5) Poem: ‘Being Brave at Night’ (Spoken word)
Aditya Sankar (Year 5) Poem: Own composition (Spoken word)
Lineisha Senthilvasan (Year 3) Alarippu (Dance)
Sanjana Raghavendran (Year 5) Piano and vocal: ‘Counting Stars’
Byron Bland (Year 5) Piano solo: ‘Fur Elise’ by Beethoven
Laila Mahate and Thalia Pigidas (Year 6) Scene from ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ (Drama)
Jeevan Mondair (Year 3) Piano solo: ‘Dans la Foret Lontaine’ (Musical)
Livvie Archer-Andrews (Year 5) ‘This is Me’ (Dance)
Nayana Pillay (Year 6) Monologue (Spoken word)
Eva Michael (Year 3) ‘Perfect’ by Ed Sheeran (Vocal)
Mya Chawla and Ashrita Kalia (Year 4) Poem: ‘Friends’ (Spoken word)
Sienna Bhagi and Aamina Rana (Year 3) Puppet show (Drama)
Daniel Mahmood (Year 5) Prose: Extract from ‘The Twits’ (Spoken word)
Alessandra Belli (Year 5) Guitar solo: ‘La Malaguena’ (Musical)
Charlie Feist (Year 5) Monologue from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ (Spoken word)
Aanika Gupte (Year 3) ‘The Poison Tree’ by William Blake (Spoken word)
Amelia Gagan (Year 3) Poetry and jokes (Spoken word)
Thom Aldred (Year 4) Guitar solo: ‘Galway Gallop’ (Musical)
Harveer Athwal (Year 5) ‘Daang’ by Mankirat Aulakh (Vocal)
Rohan Pal (Year 4) Poem: ‘Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carroll (Spoken word)
Sayf Hosein and Harish Blaggan (Year 6) Headmaster and pupil (Drama)
Adnan Lohawala (Year 4) Own composition (Spoken word)
Kiyan Miller (Year 6) ‘Tango’ by M Seiber on the piano (Musical)
Simran Hear, Keira Hundle, Sienna Buray and Lauren White (Year 5) Drama based on Clarissa by David Walliams (Spoken word)
Karima Pathan (Year 6) Own composition (Spoken word)
Hannah Ali (Year 6) Martial Arts demonstration