Apprentice Week – You’re hired!

3rd August 2018

For the past three weeks, we have been holding our Summer Fun Club. Our children have played, danced, acted, got creative and – a winner in this raging heat – dived down our famous water slide!

The three weeks of fun and games culminated in Apprentice Week. All our children were split up into five teams and come up with a business proposal for what the expansive school fields should be better used for.

They then had to do a presentation, many using advertisements and marketing material to further promote their chosen idea.

The five teams factored did their market research and factored in how their proposed ventures will benefit the school and the local communities. They factored in everything from facilities, to food, leisure, entertainment, costs and financial gain.

First up was PAL Paradise – an eco-friendly holiday resort the whole family on your doorstep.

The second was Kidz Paradise – a holiday camp just for children where they could learn life skills and make friends while remaining in the heart of Birmingham.

Third, came VR World – an interactive virtual city based on the Magical land of Pandora – from Avatar the movie. Virtual headsets meant those who attend get transformed into the beautiful blue creatures as part of this creative experience.

Next up was Themazing Park – a theme park which looked ‘Themazingly’ thrilling!

And finally, the most modern idea was BRAIN – a retail, leisure and gaming centre where there is simply something for everyone.

Judged by our Director of Finance and Operations (it makes sense), each of the teams was acknowledged for different factors.

Quality and originality – The VR World
Financial Gain – BRAIN
Best Presentation – Kidz Paradise
Marketing – Themazing Park
Eco-Friendly / Giving back – PAL Paradise.

The overall winner of Apprentice Week was VR World.

Well done to everyone who took part.