Year 5 Go Back in Time at Warwick Castle

Yesterday, we took our Year 5 children on a trip to Warwick Castle to support their work on the Norman Era.

They have been learning all about William the Conqueror, so the trip was very exciting for them.

We started the day with a tour of the site which focused on methods of attack and defence. The children got to explore the castle and discuss the different ways people used to attack in the Norman times.

We watched the deadly bowman in action which gave us a glimpse of the role of archers in Medieval times.

We also witnessed the mighty trebuchet being loaded and fired – did you know it is the largest siege machine in the world?

The children used all their energy to climb the steep staircases in Guy’s and Caesar’s Towers. They explored the defensive features such as the portcullis and murder holes in the Barbican and walked along the ramparts to appreciate the range of vision defenders of that era would have had.

We all had fun watching the famous Birds of Prey show and learning about just how significant the birds were to the Norman era.

We rounded the trip off with a visit to the castle’s five lavish staterooms to see how the castle had become a more luxurious living space rather than the defensive abode it was previously known for.

Mrs Finnegan
Year 5