Victorian Day – 2019

Monday 21st was Hallfield’s Founders Day where we officially turned 140, it was also the day we celebrated by turning back time, with both pupils and staff taking part in Victorian Day! With everybody dressing up, the day started off by children bringing a penny into school to pay for their education; followed by fingernail inspections overseen by the all seeing Mr Batchelor. Pupils  then lined up for assembly with boys and girls split down the middle, all rising for our fierce looking Head Master Mr Morrow. During his time there was a quiz of HRM Queen Victoria and hymns such as “All Things Bright and Beautiful.”

Following this, the children were lead out of the hall to their Victorian themed lessons, some even bravely went outside and took part in a drill! These lessons that were done across all year groups included activities such as quizzes on The Royal Family and the National Anthem, drawing flowers, calligraphy and even a tea party hosted by Pre-Prep who baked their very own Victoria sponge cake! The children loved taking part in this fun day, just as much as some of the teachers loved using the dunce hat when 1 or 2 questions were answered wrong!

Please feel free to browse the photos taken throughout the day, hope you all enjoy them!