LEGO City Workshop

Year 2 had a super morning at their Lego workshop yesterday! As part of their topic “Katie Morag,” Year 2 have been comparing island life to city life and looking at both human and physical features in Geography. To gain a better understanding of the features a city has, Team Building workshops came to visit to teach children about how buildings and cities are built!

The children were fully engaged the whole morning, working collaboratively in pairs and small groups. They had to problem solve, create, imagine and share ideas. Once they contributed their houses, gardens, parks, boats, buildings on stilts and many other features, it was put together to create one large city. The children added small details such as traffic lights, windmills, play areas and signs to complete the city!

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by pupils and staff who couldn’t help joining in on the action, one pupil even described it as “The best day ever!”