Happenings at Hallfieldfirst

Next week at Hallfieldfirst:

Tiggers will be:

  • Making lots of noise with musical instruments
  • Listening to nursery rhymes
  • And fitting pieces into the inset boards

Winnies will be:

  • Learning animal sounds with the puppets
  • Listening to stories with our friends
  • And fitting shapes into the shape sorters

Piglets will be:

  • Exploring facial features in the mirrors
  • Playing in the water with the animals
  • And pressing buttons on the pop-up toys

Owls will be:

  • Exploring using the dinosaurs in the sand
  • Filling the trucks with blocks
  • And role-playing with the ‘Happy Land’ sets

Rabbits will be:

  • Exploring with the magnetic letters and boards
  • Building towers with the Duplo blocks
  • And feeling different textures with the sensory balls

And Eeyores will be:

  • Using their fine motor skills by threading with the shapes
  • Learning numbers with through songs
  • And making marks in the sand with the rollers

Here’s a snapshot of what they have been up to this week.