Happenings at Hallfieldfirst

This week at Hallfieldfirst:

Tiggers will be:

  • Pressing buttons on the pop-up toys
  • Building towers using the sensory blocks
  • And exploring in the play dough

Winnies will be:

  • Making lanterns for Diwali
  • Pushing cars around in the sand
  • And banging on the musical instruments

Piglets will be:

  • Making diva lamps for Diwali
  • Exploring in the treasure baskets
  • And splashing in the bubbles and water

Owls will be:

  • Filling and emptying the stacking cups with blocks
  • Fitting pieces into the pegboards
  • And gluing and sticking for Remembrance Sunday

Rabbits will be:

  • Talking on the telephones
  • Making Diwali cards
  • And role-playing with the Happy Land set

And Eeyores will be:

  • Role-playing in the home corner
  • Filling and emptying containers in the sand
  • And exploring the magnetic boards with magnetic letters

Here is a little snapshot of what the little ones were up to last week.