Happenings at Hallfieldfirst

Next week in Hallfieldfirst the children will be dressing up in Halloween colours all week! Also:

Tiggers will be:

  • Painting Halloween pictures
  • Rolling textured balls
  • And catching fish in the water.

Winnies will be:

  • Pushing cars in the sand
  • Painting with Halloween colours
  • And learning animal sounds using puppets

Piglets will be:

  • Getting involved in Halloween coloured water play
  • Doing actions to nursery rhymes
  • And making towers with the stacking cups

Owls will be:

  • Drawing with the pencil crayons
  • Doing orange Halloween water play
  • And making shapes in the play dough with the cutters

Rabbits will be:

  • Getting involved in Halloween coloured shaving foam play
  • Looking at books
  • And throwing bean bags into the tuff spot

And Eeyores will be:

  • Opening and closing using the latch boards
  • Doing role play with the dolls and toy food
  • And getting involved in Halloween gloop play

Here’s a little snapshot of what the little ones have been up to all week.