Happenings at Hallfieldfirst

This week at Hallfieldfirst:

Tiggers will be:

  • Exploring different textures with the treasure baskets
  • Using their senses during messy paint activities
  • Listening to nursery rhymes
  • And twisting and turning the ‘tolo’ animals

Winnies will be:

  • Turning pages in the soft books
  • Making towers using the stacking cups
  • Banging and shaking the musical instruments
  • And pressing buttons on the ICT toys

Piglets will be:

  • Drawing and making lots of marks
  • Fitting pieces into the inset puzzles
  • Listening to music during song time
  • And exploring in the treasure baskets

Owls will be:

  • Filling and emptying containers in the sand
  • Fitting shapes into the shape sorters
  • Drawing with the chalk at the easel
  • And pushing the train along the train track

Rabbits will be:

  • Learning about big and small using the toy animals
  • Connecting magnets together
  • Using their imaginations with the cars and garage
  • And splashing in the water

Eeyores will be:

  • Dancing to music
  • Making marks on the whiteboards
  • Threading with the wooden fruit
  • And using their imagination to explore the Happyland

Here’s a snapshot of what they got up to last week: