Fresh Face Friday January 18th: James Wyllie

This Week, Meet your New Marketing Assistant:

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’ve had a great week and looking forward to the weekend. Let me welcome you to our new weekly article which will be up every Friday, interviewing all the amazing new staff that have started since the start of the academic year, and what better way than to start with myself!

Name: James Wyllie

Age: 24

Job Title: Marketing Assistant

Date Started: January 3rd 2019

How are you finding Hallfield?

Even though I have been here for a very short time, I am really enjoying my time here at Hallfield, everyone has been so welcoming and more than happy to help, even when I get lost which still happens! Not only that, but the pupils are lovely also and very kind, having had a tour with them around the school it’s nice to see the facilities that are on offer to them.

What is your favourite part about working here?

The free lunches of course! Besides this, I believe it’s a great opportunity for myself to have this role within the school. Not only will I be behind posting on both the website and our social media, it’s a great chance to showcase our events, especially in our 140th Anniversary and see the end product of this, which is something I never got to experience in my previous job.

What were you like in school?

I think if my Year 6 teachers could give you a crash course parents evening, they would say (hopefully) he was a bright young boy with a level head on his shoulders. Despite this he definitely tried to be the class clown and talk too much, but ultimately he finished his work to a high standard.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I really enjoy watching and playing all kinds of sports, mainly football. As a die hard Newcastle United fan, I am proud to say I have Alan Shearer as my desktop background and enjoy travelling to watch them play when I can. On top of this, I like to make sure I have time to see family and friends outside of work.

What are you most proud of?

I would definitely say graduating from Coventry University and getting my degree. To have my family watch me collect my degree on such a special day was amazing, it was nice to know that all those countless nights staying up drinking coffee finally paid off!

Now time for the more fun questions! Cats or dogs?

Dogs! They are definitely more loyal but unfortunately I don’t own one!

Where is your dream holiday destination?

New Zealand 100%. Fun fact, I actually have a residential VISA for New Zealand, since my Dad emigrated there in September to retire early with my Step-Mum, It was an option that was too good to turn down, so it would be nice to see him again, especially in weather that’s +30 degrees instead of -2!

If you could choose 1 dinner guest dead or alive, who would it be?

Tough question, I’d love to sit down and talk to Muhammad Ali and listen to his stories. For someone not only to be considered the greatest of all time, but to overcome his adversities and be such a large figure in the public eye, that he transcended from his sport I find fascinating.

What kind of music do you like?

A very boring answer but I like almost everything. One minute I could have an RnB song stuck in my head, the next i’ll be singing Whitney Houston (although I hope they don’t ask me to sing it at work!)

And there we have it! Thank you very much for reading about myself and my new weekly article, join us next week when I’ll be asking these questions to a new member of staff!