CBSO Year 2 Workshop


Year 2 welcomed the CBSO symphony orchestra violinists for a fun workshop related to the creative curriculum.

Bryony and Charlotte introduced the Russian Ballet story by Stravinsky The Firebird. The children listened as the story was told through images, narration and music. The year group was split into two groups. Each group had the opportunity to retell and add to the story by including songs, rhythm beats, rounds of singing and paired words.

The final part was to create and preform their own music piece based on the two characters from the story. In the story a handsome prince lost in the woods, discovers a firebird which leads him to these poor princesses captured by a wicked wizard. Luckily the handsome prince finds the wicked wizards soul, hidden inside a golden egg and rescues the princesses. They all live happily ever after.

The children were engaged, learnt lots about string instruments and most importantly story telling through music. A very enjoyable and fun day!

Music is such an important part of Hallfield, that from next year we are giving free string lessons to our year 3’s and up!