Bournbrook Firefighters Visit Pre-Prep to Prepare them for Bonfire Night

Today, the Blue Watch team from Bournbrook Fire Service visited Pre-Prep to teach the youngsters about the importance of staying safe on Bonfire Night.

The firefighters spoke to the children about the best ways to stay safe for the occasion. Some of the suggestions they made were:

  • To wear gloves when using sparklers
  • To put clean running water on a burn
  • To stay far away from bonfires
  • To never touch fire
  • And to tell an adult if you see or smell fire.

After the fire safety talk, the children went onto the playground to see the fire engine.

The firefighters let children sit inside the fire engine, try on items of uniform and they explained how the hose water puts out fires. Some children even got to use the hose! They were very excited!

The children enjoyed the morning with the firefighters and will remember to stay safe on bonfire night.

Miss Castleton and Mrs Woodward
Year 1 and Foundation