Since 1879, Hallfield School has offered an exceptional education to it pupils (we became co-educational in 1995) – making it the leading preparatory school in the Midlands and possibly the country. 2019 is our 140th year – and we’re proud of everything we’ve achieved in that time.

However, the success of a school should not be judged simply on academic results. On the contrary, the School has always nurtured a strong ‘hidden curriculum’ which cannot be measured by league tables – where courtesy, manners, self-discipline and respect are valued and reinforced. It is this strong hidden curriculum that underpins everything that takes place at the School: ‘happy children are successful children’.

This commitment is embodied in the Hallfield Children’s Charter. The charter nurtures good friends, good citizens and good learners and was devised by the children and staff of the school. Our strap-line, ‘Happy, Secure and Purposeful’, also reinforces our emphasis upon academic progress and success within a framework of a happy community within a secure educational environment.

In February 2016, the Early Years Foundation Stage was inspected by ISI. The setting was assessed as ‘outstanding’ in all four areas of learning and, as a result, the overall effectiveness of the setting was assessed as ‘outstanding’.

In the last three years, ninety-seven scholarships to the leading Independent Schools have been awarded to our Year 6 Leavers – and last year 76% of Leavers were successfully offered places to their selected Local Authority Grammar Schools.

There is something for everyone at Hallfield, and we expect high standards from our pupils in every task in which they take part.