Read our latest brochureHallfield Futures – September 2020

Every school should be judged on its vision for the future as much as on the successes of its past. Hallfield School has been an educational establishment that has stood for excellence for one hundred and forty years – but every year we admit new pupils to our school, and our so our eyes are always fixed on the future.

Hallfield has always enjoyed an enviable academic reputation. Our pupils achieve superb grades in their 11+ examinations, gain coveted scholarships to leading Independent Schools and win places at their preferred Local Authority Grammars. That success comes from our understanding how children learn – but also what makes them rounded, independent and curious individuals.

Our philosophy is that happy children are successful children. We are committed to Hallfield remaining the leading preparatory school in the Midlands, and one of the more prominent nationwide, by continuing in the future to be committed to our pupils’ welfare and well-being. Creating secure, self-reliant learners is our principal aim.

In addition to retaining our commanding position in the league tables of academic results, Hallfield goes into the future dedicated to ever greater achievement in sports, music and other cross-curricular activities. From our superb chess champions to our athletics, cricket and rugby teams, we aim for the highest levels of achievement for our pupils.

We believe in adding value. Your child’s attainment will be immeasurably enhanced by their time at Hallfield – even our most reluctant learners achieve above national-average results. In addition, they will be encouraged to develop personally, acquiring the “soft” study and social skills that will power their achievements in the future.

The future at Hallfield is extremely bright – and that’s thanks to the wonderful children who come to be part of our exciting, challenging and supportive community. Here’s to sharing that future together.