Hallfield is a co-educational independent school in Edgbaston, Birmingham and welcomes children from three months to thirteen years old to an outstanding education within our spectacular 20-acre site. Our independent school enjoys an extensive range of top-class facilities and resources that can aid your child in growing, developing, and learning in a happy, secure, and purposeful way.

If you would like to know more about Hallfield School or if you have a question for us, then please take a look at the most frequently asked questions below. We have provided more information on the most commonly asked questions to help you gain a greater understanding of Hallfield and what we can offer for your child.

1. How much does it cost for my child to attend an independent school?

All independent schools will have varying costs and these differences may depend on certain factors, such as the size of the school.

At Hallfield School, in recent years, the fee increases have been kept to a minimum and below the national average for Prep Schools.

Our termly fees are agreed annually in the Spring term by the Board of Governors. Both parents and new parents will be notified of any fee changes in April before the start of the new academic year in September.

To see our full fees and extras, please click here for more information.

2. What is the process for applying to attend Hallfield School?

Our admissions process is not intended to be stressful for your child. Rather, it is designed to understand them – and ensure that they will fit in well at Hallfield. If you haven’t attended an open morning already, we would be delighted to invite you to attend an open morning to experience what Hallfield School can offer for your child.

When applying to attend Hallfield School, these are the standard admissions procedures that you may expect:

  1. Enquire – Initially, parents will need to register their interest by filling in a quick form. This should be done as early as possible in order for their child to have a higher chance of securing a place. Parents will then be given a prospectus and will be invited to an open day.
  2. Registration Form – Parents will then need to complete a registration form to apply for Hallfield School and register their child onto the assessments.
  3. Admissions Test – Our assessments are tailored for every age within our admission bracket and we will look for qualities to nurture, rather than particular knowledge or skills. We aim to understand your child’s needs and whether Hallfield is a good fit for them.

If your child has been accepted to attend Hallfield, you will receive an offer letter which you will need to reply to. Usually, at this stage, a deposit will be required to secure your child’s place.

For more information, please visit our Admissions Process page here.

Alternatively, you can contact our Admissions Manager, Alison Gilmartin, on agilmartin@hallfieldschool.co.uk for more information about our admissions process.

3. What are the benefits of my child attending an independent school?

When deciding on a school for your child, we know that it’s often a very challenging but important decision to make. Many parents are choosing independent schools to prepare their child with the necessary skills for the ever-changing world.

Here are some of the main benefits of attending an independent school:

Enriched Academic Opportunities – At Hallfield, we provide exceptional and challenging experiences through an enhanced, structured, and focused curriculum, as well as through co-curricular activities. We want our children to move on to the secondary school of their choice as happy, confident, and independent learners that are prepared for challenges in the ever-changing world.

Smaller Classes – When compared to state schools, the pupil to teacher ratio of independent schools are typically almost half of that. This means that your child can benefit from more one-to-one time and more effective teaching from day one.

Co-curricular Activities – While academics remain to be the focus for many independent schools, many also place a focus on a well-rounded education and encourages children to participate in extracurricular or co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities provide a break from academic studies and also allows children to develop skills and valuable social interactions.

4. What types of extra-curricular activities are offered at the school?

As a thriving co-educational independent school, we offer a stimulating and challenging curriculum for children to help them develop their full potential in academic, social, emotional, cultural and sporting areas. In addition to this, we also provide a variety of engaging extracurricular activities that your child can be a part of.

Here are the types of co-curricular activities that are offered at Hallfield:

  • Sports
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Chess
  • Holiday Club

5. Are there any additional costs?

As with most independent schools, you can expect the main recurring cost to be the standard school fees of attending the school, unless you have opted for additional extras.

At Hallfield, we also offer optional extras which you may wish to opt-in for your child. These extras are the Breakfast and the After School Care. These must be booked and paid for in advance of the start of the term.

In addition, there are also swimming lessons (Years 2 and 3) and individual music lessons.

Hallfield School has a bespoke school uniform which can be purchased from approved suppliers or from the school itself. To learn more about this, please visit our school uniform page here.

To see the full fees and extras, please click here.

6. Will my child be safe and secure?

Your child’s education at Hallfield is much more than their academic excellence. We nurture the whole child and encourage them to be the best versions of themselves. Our approach enables their success and empowers the co-curricular activities.

Our classes are smaller than state schools which means that your child will benefit from more one-on-one time and more attention to their learning needs. The lower pupil to teacher ratio allows for more effective observation and control. Our specialised teachers focus on the importance of small class sizes to individually help each student’s weak areas and enhance their strengths.

The Pastoral Office at Hallfield supports the school in creating environments in which pupils are secure, happy, confident, and valued. Our outstanding pastoral care encourages pupils to become more confident, make decisions, and take more responsibility as they grow.

7. What aftercare services are provided at Hallfield School?

Our Aftercare is a service for families that need child care at the end of the school day.

The Aftercare is arranged on a daily basis via the form teacher at morning reception. This service runs from 4:10 pm to 4:55 pm at a charge of £3.50. Should you need child care after this period, there is also a second session that extends from 4:55 pm to 6:00 pm at a charge of £10.00. During the second session, children will be served a hot meal at 5:00 pm once the half-hour homework session ends. There is, unfortunately, a substantial surcharge made for late collection after 6:00 pm.

Hallfield’s Aftercare service is supervised by staff and we adhere to the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage. The activities are planned accordingly. Children in Year 1 and Year 2 will have a wide choice of games using both indoors and outdoors, including imaginative play and art activities. Children that are staying after 4:00 pm will be served tea which includes an assortment of sandwiches and fruit. All children can enjoy comprehensive play facilities and play areas when the weather is fine.

To learn more about our Aftercare service, please click here.

8. When can I attend an open day at Hallfield School?

If you are deciding on which private school in Birmingham is right for your child, then we invite you to come and experience the ‘Hallfield buzz’ for yourself. We are extremely proud of Hallfield School and we can guarantee you a very warm welcome from our enthusiastic children and inspirational teachers.

We have open mornings every Tuesday, so if you would like to know more about Hallfield School or have some questions for our staff and teachers, then we would be delighted to invite you to one of our open mornings.

We also often have open mornings on the weekend which include coffee, a welcome talk with the head master and pupils, a tour of the school, and a ‘Questions and Answers’ with the senior leadership team.

If you have any queries about our open mornings, then please contact Hallfield’s Admissions Manager, Alison Gilmartin, on 0121 410 6706, or you can send an email to agilmartin@hallfieldschool.co.uk.

We look forward to meeting you at an open morning and you will be guaranteed a very warm welcome at Hallfield School.

Contact Hallfield School for More Information

We hope this information will have answered most of your questions, however, if you do have other questions about Hallfield or if you would like to know more, then please feel free to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to assist you with any other queries about Hallfield School.

You can contact us on 0121 454 1496 or you can send us an email at office@hallfieldschool.co.uk.