Executive Team

Keith Morrow

Head Master

Keith Morrow joined Hallfield in 2018 and is the school’s 14th Head Master.

Keith has 18 years of experience as a Head and gained his first Headship at just 30 years old. He has worked as an Ofsted Additional Inspector, Education Consultant and a Reporting Inspector for the Independent Schools Inspectorate. He has held a number of school roles including the co-ordination of Mathematics, Assessment and ICT.

Keith’s biggest achievement has been to create a learning culture and a climate in all of his previous schools where teachers and children enjoyed attending and trying new things without the fear of failure.

As Head Master, Mr Morrow continues to build on the successes of the Hallfield’s ‘outstanding’ ISI inspection report by maintaining excellent standards in every area. He is supported by Mrs Sue Bowron, Mr Richard Batchelor,  Mrs Anne Oliver and Mrs Lizzie Sanderson.

Sue Bowron

Director of Finance & Operations

Sue Bowron is a highly qualified Chartered Accountant who has worked in the education sector for eight years.

Having qualified as a Chartered Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1998, Sue has worked with a number of Midlands’ organisations including Cadburys Schweppes, Titan Europe and Kaplan Financial before entering the education sector.

As Director of Finance and Operations, Sue has oversight of financial and operational management across the school, including all aspects of financial operations, human resources, strategic planning and risk and compliance at Hallfield.

Richard Batchelor

Deputy Head – Head of Prep

Richard Batchelor joined Hallfield School in 2009 and became the school’s 13th Head Master in September 2017 for a year.

As an experienced leader respected by pupils and colleagues alike, a passionate advocate of pursuing the highest standards in every area of education, and an active Schools Inspector for the ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate), Mr Batchelor has been instrumental in reforming the school’s curriculum over the years.

He has devised the school’s new strap line ‘Happy, Secure and Purposeful’ which builds upon the school’s previous initiatives as well as reinforcing the importance of academic progress within a secure educational environment.

A professional mountaineer and member of the Outward Bound Trust, Mr Batchelor is committed to pupils fulfilling their academic ambitions through pursuits that build their self-esteem and confidence; a by-product of the school’s effective and inspired residential programmes for those in Year 4 and Year 6.

Lizzie Sanderson

Deputy Head; Head of Pre-Prep

Lizzie joined Hallfield School in September 2019 and has 20 years’ experience of working with children across the primary phase. Having qualified as a teacher in 2000, Lizzie accepted her first teaching post at a Catholic primary school in Derbyshire. Three years later, she and her husband started a family and is a proud mum to Katie, who is studying for her A-Levels, and William who is studying for his GCSEs. Following maternity leave, Lizzie began work at Derby High School where she taught from Pre-school to Year 3, working her way up to Early Years Leader and subsequently Kindergarten leader. Lizzie was also responsible for Special Educational Needs and Mathematics. Nine years later she accepted a position as Phase Leader at The Elms Nursery and Junior School to Trent College. Lizzie was soon asked to oversee the running of the Nursery and accepted the role as Assistant Head for the Infants and EYFS. Lizzie is passionate about all children receiving the very best education and values the partnerships with parents that she works hard to create. At Hallfield she leads a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers and learning support assistants and oversees the management and operational day-to-day running of the Pre-Prep department.

Anne Oliver

Deputy Head – Head of EYFS

We believe that the early years of education are fundamental to every child’s school career. Our Pre-Prep School has a vibrant atmosphere filled with laughter and fun, where children are encouraged, nurtured and motivated at every turn.

Anne Oliver, a dynamic leader who is passionate about delivering the best start to every child, oversees the management and operational day to day running of Pre-Prep.

An infant specialist at heart, she has taught all ages from two to 18 throughout her 36-year career and now leads a dedicated team of highly qualified teachers and Early Years professionals.

On a daily basis Mrs, Oliver endeavours to spend time with both children and staff by way of a class tour, conducting assemblies and handing out awards and stickers.

Since joining Hallfield School in 2014, Mrs Oliver has overseen significant changes within the department and has completely re-evaluated the school’s EYFS provision to offer more to our children, including Dance and Spanish lessons.

Clare Florida-James

Director of Studies

A new position, Clare Florida-James oversees the teaching, learning and assessment of staff and children in Years 3 and 4.

Clare joined Hallfield as Assistant Head for Key Stage 2 in 2018 after spending four years at Winterfold House School as Head of Maths, before adding Games to her specialties.

Prior to this, Clare spent two years at the Compass International School Doha in Qatar where she was the lead practitioner in International Primary Curriculum, teaching a variety of subjects to children across the school.

Helen Surr

Head Master's PA