Children’s Charter

Our Children’s Charter was first launched in 2016. The idea was simple: to allow all of the children at Hallfield to get involved in thinking about the ways in which we can make our school as happy, safe and fair as it can be.

We think of Hallfield as a community. The Children’s Charter formalises that relationship between School and pupil, while giving each child a voice in how the School is run.

All of our pupils, from Foundation up to Year Six, were asked to put their heads together in a whole-school brainstorm, to gather words that we think reflect our shared values and beliefs. We discussed the Charter alongside Magna Carter, that very important document which established in English law the shared belief that all people, from the top to the bottom, should have access to a fair and just legal and political system.

This ideal of course has later been enshrined in such documents as the United Nations Convention on Human Rights and the United States Declaration of Independence. Using this as our inspiration, we together as a school came up with a list of words that the pupils felt most accurately reflected what it means to be a happy and successful Hallfield pupil.

These words were passed to our School Council, which agreed the words and wrote the final charter. This new document now forms the basis of all our new behaviour policies across the school – and, increasingly, the way we conceive of the relationship between home and school, too. The Charter is an agreement that reflects the values and beliefs of everybody at Hallfield.

In short, we agreed to be good friends, good citizens and good learners. Within those headings are four pairs of words each: kind and helpful, for example, or loyal and trustworthy, which help everyone in the school thing about how to achieve our shared aims.

You can download our Children’s Charter here [download link]. We’re extremely proud of it, the children who devised it, and the relationships it describes.