Chess is a sophisticated game of strategy and tactics, which fosters decision-making, logic, discipline and attention to detail. Like all other team sports – and we play chess very much as a team here at Hallfield – our young chess players also learn about the value of collaboration and relationship-building.

Under the guidance of our chess coach, Mr Thomas, our chess teams have in recent years gone from strength to strength. In 2018, Hallfield were crowned the English Chess Federation’s Under 11 School Champions and IAPS Under 11 and Under 13 School Champions.

In 2018, our top three players have also been tremendously successful in national and individual competitions: We currently have the British Under 11 Runner-Up, British Under 9 Champion and an IAPS Joint Champion in our midst. Plus, eight of our players have qualified for the final stages (Terafinal and Challengers) of the Delancey UK Schools Chess Challenge.

If we are at risk of boasting, it’s because we’re so proud of the huge successes our pupils boast is this demanding game. Chess at Hallfield is fun as well as competitive, of course – and every child is encouraged to take part and see where the chequered board can take them!

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